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  1. Stanley Warren says:

    Booking- RAV4 under PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority

  2. Phil Vali says:

    Good Afternoon there,

    My Name is Phil Vali, I am enquiring on behalf of Pharmaceutical Society of PNG. We will be hosting a Pharmaceutical Conference in September 28-30 2022.
    Hence requesting a quote of 3x 15 seater buses for 3 days hire or 2x 25 seater Buses + 1x 15seater buse for 3 days hire.

    Please would appreciate your response.


    1. Adminimhc says:

      Good Afternoon Phil,

      Thank you for your comment and enquiry. Please contact our Sales staff Maggie on sales4@imhc.com.pg/73942740 or Elizabeth/73300540 on sales1@imhc.com.pg to assist you with the quotes. We appreciate you taking time out to visit our Website. Cheers!

    2. Adminimhc says:

      Hi Phil,

      Please contact our sales team via emails sales1@imhc.com.pg for Elizabeth or Maggie via sales4@imhc.com.pg for further assistance.


  3. Anthony LEI says:

    Hi there,

    I want to book a car with prize range around K350 to K450 for 11 days.

    A fifth element double cab would be a great deal, but if not within the prize range then you can give me a station wagon.

    Your feed back will be very much appreciated.


    1. Ilyana Garap says:

      Hi Anthony, thank you for visiting our site and also for your query. Please check your inbox for further information. Thank you


  4. Raymond Yaneku says:

    I am enquiring for a hire of a 25 seater bus for one day. Please advise availability and rate per day.

    1. Ilyana Garap says:

      Good morning Raymon,
      Thank you for visiting our website.
      Please check your email for further details regarding your request and Thankyou for choosing Island Mobile Hire Cars

    2. Ilyana Garap says:

      Good morning Raymond,
      Thank you for visiting our website.
      Please check your email for further details regarding your request and Thankyou for choosing Island Mobile Hire Cars

  5. Nick Warren Dame says:

    I needed a Black Toyota Landcruiser Vx V8 7 seater with bumper to hire for a month this coming December. Please confirm the rates and charges of the requested vehicle in order for me to prepare in advance in meeting the hire cost.
    Thank you!

    1. Ilyana Garap says:

      Thank you visiting our website.

      With regard to your enquiry, please contact our sales representatives and they will assist you.

      You may contact them on sales1@imhc.com.pg or sales2@imhc.com.pg or sales3@imhc.com.pg

      Thank you
      Please check your email for further information.
      Island Mobile Hire Cars

  6. Ben Kapa says:

    Your company services in the Branches are good,
    1. but needed improvement is certain areas, restricting certain locations in the country. for vehicles.
    2. Taking too long for a Refund Claim is a big concern.

    Thank you


    1. Ilyana Garap says:

      Hi Ben
      We appreciate your feedback as we see it as a steppingstone to improve and do better our services to make our clients happy.

      If you have any further enquiry and feedback, you can contact our sales representatives on sales4@imhc.com.pg or sales3@imhc.com.pg

      Thank you

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